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Phone: 832.819.2170


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Introducing a guiding force for at-risk students - Leroy12, a beacon of inspiration and empowerment.
Keynote Speaker: On the grand stage, Leroy12's voice resonates with unwavering belief. He doesn't just speak; he sparks fires of hope, ignites the flames of resilience, and instills the unshakable belief that dreams are within reach, regardless of life's challenges.
Workshops: Beyond the podium, Leroy12 crafts interactive workshops. These are not just sessions; they are transformational journeys. He equips students with practical tools and strategies, providing the keys to unlock their full potential.
Podcast Guest: Across the airwaves, Leroy12's wisdom spreads like wildfire. As a sought-after podcast guest, he shares stories of triumph over adversity, offering insights that transcend the virtual realm and reach the hearts of those who need it most.
One-on-One and Group Coaching: In the realm of personal connection, Leroy12 is a trusted guide. He provides a sanctuary of support, nurturing individual growth through one-on-one coaching. In group sessions, he cultivates a sense of belonging and mutual encouragement, creating an environment where dreams flourish and futures shine brightly.


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